Frame with mat & glazing 42884 - Moulding 80682 1 1/4" Black Grain Mat Rag CR1577 Raven Black Regular Glass Glass Manila Board (Very Thin) Back

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SKU: 42884
size: 13.76 W × 11.26 H × 2.00 L
Description: Mat Glass Back: 11.75x9.25
Mat Opening: 7.75x5.25
Print: Photo Paper
Preview URL: https://api.simulartstudio.com/frame.php?folder=10726&img=c81a9f5943cbdf2d7b4a30c3f4ae3148.jpg
Upload URL: https://www.simulartstudio.com/api/users/aa0acd530c6cdcd3ebaa64b2576ad000/uploads/69f6a2261e50b2c745e7d684baa68bbf_original.jpg

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