Custom Design Studio

Welcome to our Custom Design Studio

Design any custom sized mat, frame, backing or glazing option using our In-House selection of materials.


To go directly to the section you want - see the links below - or on our Main Menu.

Design a Custom Mat

Design a Custom Frame

Design Custom Backings

Design Custom Glazing


When you go to a section and in order to choose your mat, or frame etc. - please click on this symbol beside the default item that comes up.  It will bring up a selection of categories etc that you can choose from.

When you have input your sizes and options - add your selection to cart.  At that point you can adjust the quantity you want and confirm pricing without completing your order.  

Follow the prompts to complete and pay for your order when you are ready and confirm shipping information.

NOTE:  If you are ordering multiple items and you feel your shipping cost is too high - please contact our Customer Service at before completing your order.  In some cases when ordering custom items the carriers will assume all items ship in their own package and it can escalate the shipping costs when that is not necessary.  We are happy to assist you with  a shipping quote that takes this into account.


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