MatShop Referral Program

If you appreciate the products and services from the MatShop - here is a way to save and help your friends and colleagues.

Refer them to the the MatShop and you will receive 10% Off your next order. In addition - the person you referred will also save 5% as well.

Here is how it works.

Tell someone about the MatShop and when they place an order and complete their purchase - we will send you a coupon code valued at 10% on your next order. We will also discount your friends first order - or if it is placed on line - provide them with a 5% coupon code for their next order with MatShop.  PLEASE NOTE: 

  • You must contact us by phone or email and let us know who you are referring.  We will be prepared with a discount code for them to use to save on their order.
  • Your friend must let us know at the time they place their order - or before that they have been referred and mention your name to qualify.

That's all it takes to save and help your friends too. Thank you for your patronage of the MatShop and we look forward to continuing to help you be successful in your creative projects.