Ordering any custom size online

Ordering any custom size online

Welcome to our Custom Design Studio

If you have been frustrated by not being able to order any custom size of mat, frame, glass or backing online without having to email or call us for a quote - then you will love this tool.

Under the Main Menu of our Custom Design Studio you can choose to order individual items - such as custom mats, or custom frames, or custom backings or glass.

You can also choose to order a complete frame or use the tool to upload an image of your work or photo and try out different mat and frame combinations before you order.

A couple of important things to note:

On the screenshot below you will notice an error pointing to an Edit Symbol to the right of the default mat that comes up when you access this screen. Click this to bring up the categories of mats to choose from.

Here you see the categories appear on the left of your screen.

Choose a category of mat to select your colours.

Fill in the outside size and opening you want. Select a second mat and choose a reveal for the second mat.

Once you have all the information entered - ADD to CART to get your final price. Once you have done that you can change quantities to take advantage of Wholesale pricing (for more than 6 items) and volume pricing for greater numbers.

All of our tools work much the same way - you choose a frame using the same edit icon etc.

Enjoy using this as you plan your purchases and visualize your finished projects.